Inspired by Jeff Geerling’s microSD benchmarks, I pulled out all of the microSD cards that I had to do some testing of my own! In addition to the Raspberry Pi boards, I’ll also be testing Orange Pi, Nano Pi, and Beaglebone models. Hopefully, the data will prove useful to someone trying to judge which SD card they should purchase for their own SBC. If you want to see a more general benchmark, check out my last post comparing the Raspberry Pi Zero W 2 and Raspberry Pi Zero W.

Note: I am a member of the Amazon Affiliate program and clicking on the SD card model names will take you to your local Amazon storefront. I hope you don’t mind! It helps me to purchase the little bits I use for testing in my guides/benchmarks.

microSD Cards used in these Raspberry Pi benchmarks


SD Card ModelSequential ReadSequential WriteRandom ReadRandom WriteIOPing
SanDisk Ultra (8GB)39.42 MB/s13.77 MB/s8.13 MB/s0.73 MB/s0.75 ms
SanDisk Ultra (16GB)41.91 MB/s13.93 MB/s8.3 MB/s2.65 MB/s2.7 ms
SanDisk Ultra (32GB)39.63 MB/s17.53 MB/s7.99 MB/s2.25 MB/s2.6 ms
SanDisk Extreme (64GB)39.68 MB/s35.27 MB/s7.28 MB/s3.63 MB/s0.73 ms
SanDisk Extreme PRO (128GB)38.98 MB/s35.87 MB/s6.66 MB/s3.51 MB/s0.76 ms
Kingston Canvas Select Plus (32GB)38.42 MB/s20.73 MB/s5.7 MB/s2.16 MB/s0.63 ms
KIOXIA EXCERIA (32GB)39.66 MB/s17.17 MB/s8.58 MB/s4.49 MB/s0.97 ms
Samsung EVO Plus (32GB)40.31 MB/s24.37 MB/s9.94 MB/s2.55 MB/s0.75 ms
Amazon Basics (64GB)39.3 MB/s36.3 MB/s10.2 MB/s4.35 MB/s1.11 ms
PNY Performance Plus (16GB)N/AN/AN/AN/A N/A
Verbatim Premium (16GB)40.44 MB/s11.6 MB/s7.55 MB/s2.8 MB/s0.98 ms
SanDisk MAX ENDURANCE (32GB)43.35 MB/s33.3 MB/s7.57 MB/s3.51 MB/s0.6 ms
Integral ultima PRO (64GB)41.05 MB/s34.7 MB/s8.05 MB/s4.3 MB/s1.07 ms
Patriot EP Series (64GB)40.77 MB/s29.57 MB/s6.74 MB/s2.9 MB/s0.87 ms
Kodak (64GB)40.11 MB/s27.97 MB/s3.33 MB/s0.84 MB/s0.87 ms
Intenso (64GB)40.12 MB/s34.73 MB/s9.81 MB/s4.36 MB/s0.95 ms
Transcend (32GB)42.34 MB/s20.43 MB/s11.11 MB/s3.96 MB/s0.55 ms
Samsung EVO Select (32GB)40.08 MB/s24.07 MB/s9.28 MB/s2.66 MB/s0.74 ms
Samsung PRO Plus (128GB)40.89 MB/s32.67 MB/s10.03 MB/s2.62 MB/s0.6 ms
SanDisk HIGH ENDURANCE (64GB)41.55 MB/s30.27 MB/s6.15 MB/s3.08 MB/s0.74 ms
Samsung PRO Endurance (32GB)41.46 MB/s31.7 MB/s9.34 MB/s2.67 MB/s0.67 ms

SD Card ModelSequential ReadSequential WriteRandom ReadRandom WriteIOPing
SanDisk Ultra (8GB)21.5 MB/s14 MB/s5.16 MB/s0.66 MB/s0.96 ms
SanDisk Ultra (16GB)21.62 MB/s14.1 MB/s6.86 MB/s2.52 MB/s2.69 ms
SanDisk Ultra (32GB)21.51 MB/s16.3 MB/s6.87 MB/s2.55 MB/s2.74 ms
SanDisk Extreme (64GB)21.77 MB/s20.63 MB/s6.23 MB/s3.59 MB/s0.73 ms
SanDisk Extreme PRO (128GB)21.55 MB/s20.8 MB/s5.82 MB/s3.62 MB/s0.78 ms
Kingston Canvas Select Plus (32GB)11.5 MB/s9.9 MB/s4.35 MB/s2.01 MB/s0.85 ms
KIOXIA EXCERIA (32GB)21.85 MB/s15.4 MB/s7.27 MB/s4.27 MB/s0.76 ms
Samsung EVO Plus (32GB)21.53 MB/s16.6 MB/s6.65 MB/s1.93 MB/s0.88 ms
Amazon Basics (64GB)21.68 MB/s21.2 MB/s8.21 MB/s4.05 MB/s1.03 ms
PNY Performance Plus (16GB)21.35 MB/s10.9 MB/s6.53 MB/s2.6 MB/s0.82 ms
Verbatim Premium (16GB)21.62 MB/s11.23 MB/s3.85 MB/s0.82 MB/s0.86 ms
SanDisk MAX ENDURANCE (32GB)21.65 MB/s20.9 MB/s6.13 MB/s3.11 MB/s0.66 ms
Integral ultima PRO (64GB)21.79 MB/s20.73 MB/s6.64 MB/s3.83 MB/s1.1 ms
Patriot EP Series (64GB)21.68 MB/s18.5 MB/s5.96 MB/s2.71 MB/s0.76 ms
Kodak (64GB)21.42 MB/s20.13 MB/s3.14 MB/s0.83 MB/s0.85 ms
Intenso (64GB)21.63 MB/s20.8 MB/s7.93 MB/s3.85 MB/s1 ms
Transcend (32GB)21.68 MB/s12.77 MB/s6.47 MB/s2.53 MB/s0.66 ms
Samsung EVO Select (32GB)21.5 MB/s18.57 MB/s6.55 MB/s2.12 MB/s0.85 ms
Samsung PRO Plus (128GB)21.64 MB/s17.97 MB/s5.51 MB/s1.29 MB/s0.8 ms
SanDisk HIGH ENDURANCE (64GB)21.4 MB/s20 MB/s5.1 MB/s2.98 MB/s0.77 ms
Samsung PRO Endurance (32GB)21.31 MB/s20.57 MB/s7.22 MB/s2.07 MB/s0.85 ms

SD Card ModelSequential ReadSequential WriteRandom ReadRandom WriteIOPing
SanDisk Ultra (8GB)21.42 MB/s13.7 MB/s5.89 MB/s0.69 MB/s0.91 ms
SanDisk Ultra (16GB)21.41 MB/s12.17 MB/s5.93 MB/s2.35 MB/s2.76 ms
SanDisk Ultra (32GB)21.46 MB/s15.43 MB/s5.88 MB/s2.15 MB/s2.79 ms
SanDisk Extreme (64GB)21.5 MB/s20.17 MB/s5.5 MB/s3.28 MB/s0.88 ms
SanDisk Extreme PRO (128GB)21.45 MB/s20.23 MB/s5.4 MB/s3.3 MB/s0.85 ms
Kingston Canvas Select Plus (32GB)11.09 MB/s9.87 MB/s3.88 MB/s1.86 MB/s0.95 ms
KIOXIA EXCERIA (32GB)21.48 MB/s14.83 MB/s6.28 MB/s3.76 MB/s0.94 ms
Samsung EVO Plus (32GB)21.28 MB/s16.73 MB/s6.27 MB/s1.83 MB/s1.04 ms
Amazon Basics (64GB)21.52 MB/s20.03 MB/s6.84 MB/s3.68 MB/s1.15 ms
PNY Performance Plus (16GB)21.4 MB/s10.93 MB/s5.78 MB/s2.45 MB/s1.09 ms
Verbatim Premium (16GB)21.11 MB/s11.07 MB/s3.67 MB/s0.79 MB/s1.01 ms
SanDisk MAX ENDURANCE (32GB)21.49 MB/s19.63 MB/s5.08 MB/s2.9 MB/s0.83 ms
Integral ultima PRO (64GB)21.54 MB/s19.6 MB/s5.56 MB/s3.38 MB/s1.2 ms
Patriot EP Series (64GB)21.46 MB/s17.27 MB/s4.99 MB/s2.5 MB/s0.88 ms
Kodak (64GB)21.27 MB/s19.03 MB/s2.98 MB/s0.81 MB/s1.08 ms
Intenso (64GB)21.55 MB/s20.27 MB/s6.77 MB/s3.55 MB/s1.14 ms
Transcend (32GB)21.42 MB/s12.67 MB/s6.13 MB/s2.4 MB/s0.77 ms
Samsung EVO Select (32GB)21.15 MB/s18.37 MB/s5.85 MB/s1.9 MB/s1.13 ms
Samsung PRO Plus (128GB)21.39 MB/s17.77 MB/s5.24 MB/s1.26 MB/s0.9 ms
SanDisk HIGH ENDURANCE (64GB)21.31 MB/s19.47 MB/s4.69 MB/s2.75 MB/s0.92 ms
Samsung PRO Endurance (32GB)21.17 MB/s20.13 MB/s5.77 MB/s1.94 MB/s0.94 ms

SD Card ModelSequential ReadSequential WriteRandom ReadRandom WriteIOPing
SanDisk Ultra (8GB)21.16 MB/s13.27 MB/s3.92 MB/s0.65 MB/s1.27 ms
SanDisk Ultra (16GB)21.15 MB/s11.8 MB/s3.96 MB/s1.93 MB/s3.85 ms
SanDisk Ultra (32GB)21.15 MB/s14.57 MB/s3.95 MB/s1.74 MB/s3.05 ms
SanDisk Extreme (64GB)21.21 MB/s17.87 MB/s3.76 MB/s2.51 MB/s1.17 ms
SanDisk Extreme PRO (128GB)21.14 MB/s17.73 MB/s3.69 MB/s2.49 MB/s1.18 ms
Kingston Canvas Select Plus (32GB)11.01 MB/s9.47 MB/s2.92 MB/s1.6 MB/s1.25 ms
KIOXIA EXCERIA (32GB)21.16 MB/s13.6 MB/s4.1 MB/s2.74 MB/s1.15 ms
Samsung EVO Plus (32GB)20.96 MB/s16 MB/s4.01 MB/s1.54 MB/s1.32 ms
Amazon Basics (64GB)20.69 MB/s18.33 MB/s4.38 MB/s2.71 MB/s1.5 ms
PNY Performance Plus (16GB)21.09 MB/s10.4 MB/s3.89 MB/s1.99 MB/s1.34 ms
Verbatim Premium (16GB)20.86 MB/s9.97 MB/s2.81 MB/s0.74 MB/s1.25 ms
SanDisk MAX ENDURANCE (32GB)21.03 MB/s16.7 MB/s3.73 MB/s2.31 MB/s1.1 ms
Integral ultima PRO (64GB)21.26 MB/s17.93 MB/s3.99 MB/s2.66 MB/s1.5 ms
Patriot EP Series (64GB)21.16 MB/s15.57 MB/s3.7 MB/s2.08 MB/s1.18 ms
Kodak (64GB)21.01 MB/s16.33 MB/s2.39 MB/s0.76 MB/s1.25 ms
Intenso (64GB)21.32 MB/s17.8 MB/s4.37 MB/s2.67 MB/s1.42 ms
Transcend (32GB)21.16 MB/s11.6 MB/s4.1 MB/s1.98 MB/s1.07 ms
Samsung EVO Select (32GB)20.88 MB/s15.87 MB/s4.06 MB/s1.63 MB/s1.27 ms
Samsung PRO Plus (128GB)21.09 MB/s15.97 MB/s3.69 MB/s1.14 MB/s1.19 ms
SanDisk HIGH ENDURANCE (64GB)21.04 MB/s17.2 MB/s3.46 MB/s2.17 MB/s1.18 ms
Samsung PRO Endurance (32GB)20.81 MB/s16.93 MB/s4.89 MB/s1.62 MB/s1.26 ms

SD Card ModelSequential ReadSequential WriteRandom ReadRandom WriteIOPing
SanDisk Ultra (8GB)21.11 MB/s13.53 MB/s4.83 MB/s0.66 MB/s1.21 ms
SanDisk Ultra (16GB)21.19 MB/s12.77 MB/s4.9 MB/s2.01 MB/s3.04 ms
SanDisk Ultra (32GB)21.23 MB/s15.8 MB/s4.87 MB/s1.82 MB/s3.05 ms
SanDisk Extreme (64GB)21.25 MB/s19.07 MB/s4.53 MB/s2.68 MB/s1.15 ms
SanDisk Extreme PRO (128GB)21.23 MB/s18.57 MB/s4.43 MB/s2.7 MB/s1.18 ms
Kingston Canvas Select Plus (32GB)11.03 MB/s9.8 MB/s3.17 MB/s1.68 MB/s1.24 ms
KIOXIA EXCERIA (32GB)21.21 MB/s14.23 MB/s5.1 MB/s3.04 MB/s1.14 ms
Samsung EVO Plus (32GB)20.98 MB/s17.03 MB/s4.68 MB/s1.79 MB/s1.29 ms
Amazon Basics (64GB)21.36 MB/s19.6 MB/s5.49 MB/s2.98 MB/s1.38 ms
PNY Performance Plus (16GB)21.15 MB/s10.8 MB/s4.7 MB/s2.14 MB/s1.36 ms
Verbatim Premium (16GB)20.92 MB/s10.4 MB/s3.02 MB/s0.75 MB/s1.27 ms
SanDisk MAX ENDURANCE (32GB)21.18 MB/s18.9 MB/s4.42 MB/s2.46 MB/s1.06 ms
Integral ultima PRO (64GB)21.29 MB/s19.5 MB/s4.88 MB/s2.9 MB/s1.49 ms
Patriot EP Series (64GB)21.18 MB/s17.37 MB/s4.39 MB/s2.22 MB/s1.15 ms
Kodak (64GB) 21.02 MB/s17.97 MB/s2.56 MB/s0.77 MB/s1.24 ms
Intenso (64GB)21.33 MB/s19.63 MB/s5.52 MB/s2.92 MB/s2.25 ms
Transcend (32GB)21.15 MB/s12.27 MB/s5.02 MB/s2.08 MB/s1.06 ms
Samsung EVO Select (32GB)20.91 MB/s17.23 MB/s4.82 MB/s1.64 MB/s1.33 ms
Samsung PRO Plus (128GB)21.14 MB/s17.17 MB/s4.4 MB/s1.19 MB/s1.21 ms
SanDisk HIGH ENDURANCE (64GB)21.2 MB/s18.6 MB/s3.75 MB/s2.42 MB/s1.17 ms
Samsung PRO Endurance (32GB)20.81 MB/s16.93 MB/s4.89 MB/s1.62 MB/s1.28 ms

SD Card ModelSequential ReadSequential WriteRandom ReadRandom WriteIOPing
SanDisk Ultra (8GB)21.69 MB/s13.97 MB/s6.53 MB/s0.7 MB/s0.77 ms
SanDisk Ultra (16GB)21.69 MB/s12.93 MB/s6.5 MB/s2.39 MB/s2.67 ms
SanDisk Ultra (32GB)21.69 MB/s16.47 MB/s6.58 MB/s2.16 MB/s2.69 ms
SanDisk Extreme (64GB)21.7 MB/s20.5 MB/s6.03 MB/s3.64 MB/s0.73 ms
SanDisk Extreme PRO (128GB)21.71 MB/s20.6 MB/s5.88 MB/s3.37 MB/s0.74 ms
Kingston Canvas Select Plus (32GB)11.16 MB/s9.93 MB/s4.1 MB/s1.94 MB/s0.8 ms
KIOXIA EXCERIA (32GB)21.69 MB/s15.2 MB/s6.98 MB/s4.05 MB/s0.75 ms
Samsung EVO Plus (32GB)21.47 MB/s18.27 MB/s6.36 MB/s1.94 MB/s0.89 ms
Amazon Basics (64GB)21.84 MB/s21.13 MB/s7.78 MB/s3.93 MB/s0.97 ms
PNY Performance Plus (16GB)21.65 MB/s11.17 MB/s6.32 MB/s2.6 MB/s0.86 ms
Verbatim Premium (16GB)21.31 MB/s10.4 MB/s3.02 MB/s0.75 MB/s1.27 ms
SanDisk MAX ENDURANCE (32GB)21.74 MB/s20.63 MB/s5.92 MB/s3.14 MB/s0.66 ms
Integral ultima PRO (64GB)21.73 MB/s20.83 MB/s6.45 MB/s3.79 MB/s1.08 ms
Patriot EP Series (64GB)21.69 MB/s18.67 MB/s5.7 MB/s2.68 MB/s0.76 ms
Kodak (64GB)21.47 MB/s1967 MB/s3.12 MB/s0.83 MB/s0.83 ms
Intenso (64GB)21.82 MB/s20.7 MB/s7.54 MB/s3.81 MB/s1.1 ms
Transcend (32GB)21.63 MB/s13.03 MB/s6.73 MB/s2.55 MB/s0.65 ms
Samsung EVO Select (32GB)21.31 MB/s18.47 MB/s6.5 MB/s1.88 MB/s0.92 ms
Samsung PRO Plus (128GB)21.59 MB/s18.2 MB/s5.73 MB/s1.3 MB/s0.78 ms
SanDisk HIGH ENDURANCE (64GB)21.48 MB/s20 MB/s4.26 MB/s2.89 MB/s0.76 ms
Samsung PRO Endurance (32GB)21.46 MB/s19.43 MB/s6.61 MB/s1.97 MB/s0.85 ms

SD Card ModelSequential ReadSequential WriteRandom ReadRandom WriteIOPing
SanDisk Ultra (8GB)22.55 MB/s14.03 MB/s5.5 MB/s0.72 MB/s0.89 ms
SanDisk Ultra (16GB)22.59 MB/s14.60 MB/s6.87 MB/s3.03 MB/s2.69 ms
SanDisk Ultra (32GB)22.59 MB/s17.57 MB/s7.12 MB/s2.64 MB/s2.68 ms
SanDisk Extreme (64GB)22.62 MB/s21.87 MB/s6.01 MB/s4.27 MB/s0.71 ms
SanDisk Extreme PRO (128GB)22.53 MB/s21.77 MB/s5.22 MB/s4.24 MB/s0.76 ms
Kingston Canvas Select Plus (32GB)11.39 MB/s10.10 MB/s4.84 MB/s2.17 MB/s0.78 ms
KIOXIA EXCERIA (32GB)22.63 MB/s16.93 MB/s9.21 MB/s5.04 MB/s0.73 ms
Samsung EVO Plus (32GB)22.49 MB/s20.8 MB/s5.23 MB/s2.33 MB/s1.22 ms
Amazon Basics (64GB)22.71 MB/s22.3 MB/s9.76 MB/s4.91 MB/s0.93 ms
PNY Performance Plus (16GB)22.41 MB/s11.33 MB/s4.51 MB/s0.86 MB/s0.78 ms
Verbatim Premium (16GB)22.59 MB/s11.77 MB/s8.14 MB/s3.00 MB/s0.85 ms
SanDisk MAX ENDURANCE (32GB)22.56 MB/s21.3 MB/s5.85 MB/s3.75 MB/s0.65 ms
Integral ultima PRO (64GB)22.71 MB/s21.97 MB/s8.6 MB/s4.65 MB/s 1.03 ms
Patriot EP Series (64GB)22.59 MB/s19.13 MB/s7.23 MB/s3.12 MB/s0.75 ms
Kodak (64GB)22.18 MB/s20.07 MB/s3.34 MB/s0.85 MB/s0.93 ms
Intenso (64GB)22.65 MB/s21.97 MB/s9.47 MB/s4.69 MB/s1 ms
Transcend (32GB)22.55 MB/s13.37 MB/s8.95 MB/s2.94 MB/s0.64 ms
Samsung EVO Select (32GB)22.5 MB/s20.27 MB/s5.35 MB/s2.24 MB/s1.09 ms
Samsung PRO Plus (128GB)22.27 MB/s19.7 MB/s6.64 MB/s1.36 MB/s0.86 ms
SanDisk HIGH ENDURANCE (64GB)22.57 MB/s21.33 MB/s4.74 MB/s3.54 MB/s0.75 ms
Samsung PRO Endurance (32GB)22.51 MB/s20.03 MB/s5.65 MB/s2.21 MB/s0.82 ms

SD Card ModelSequential ReadSequential WriteRandom ReadRandom WriteIOPing
SanDisk Ultra (8GB)21.98 MB/s13.97 MB/s7.07 MB/s0.65 MB/s0.76 ms
SanDisk Ultra (16GB)22 MB/s13.33 MB/s6.35 MB/s2.19 MB/s2.71 ms
SanDisk Ultra (32GB)22.05 MB/s17.23 MB/s6.46 MB/s2.13 MB/s2.73 ms
SanDisk Extreme (64GB)21.96 MB/s22.03 MB/s5.59 MB/s3.42 MB/s0.76 ms
SanDisk Extreme PRO (128GB)22.06 MB/s21.97 MB/s4.9 MB/s3.4 MB/s0.81 ms
Kingston Canvas Select Plus (32GB)11.28 MB/s10.17 MB/s4.44 MB/s1.83 MB/s0.82 ms
KIOXIA EXCERIA (32GB)22.03 MB/s16.53 MB/s7.82 MB/s3.65 MB/s0.8 ms
Samsung EVO Plus (32GB)21.85 MB/s20.6 MB/s6.25 MB/s1.53 MB/s1.31 ms
Amazon Basics (64GB)22.3 MB/s22.3 MB/s8.51 MB/s3.91 MB/s1 ms
PNY Performance Plus (16GB)21.82 MB/s11.1 MB/s4.03 MB/s0.72 MB/s0.85 ms
Verbatim Premium (16GB)22.01 MB/s11.6 MB/s7.08 MB/s2.15 MB/s0.87 ms
SanDisk MAX ENDURANCE (32GB)22.06 MB/s21.43 MB/s5.45 MB/s3.24 MB/s0.66 ms
Integral ultima PRO (64GB)22.27 MB/s22.03 MB/s7.77 MB/s3.81 MB/s1.04 ms
Patriot EP Series (64GB)21.95 MB/s18.97 MB/s6.25 MB/s2.33 MB/s0.76 ms
Kodak (64GB)21.81 MB/s21 MB/s3.26 MB/s0.74 MB/s0.85 ms
Intenso (64GB)22.03 MB/s22.07 MB/s8.35 MB/s3.81 MB/s1.07 ms
Transcend (32GB)21.84 MB/s13.37 MB/s7.77 MB/s2.3 MB/s0.66 ms
Samsung EVO Select (32GB)21.92 MB/s20.2 MB/s6.47 MB/s1.62 MB/s1.03 ms
Samsung PRO Plus (128GB)21.97 MB/s20.1 MB/s6.35 MB/s1.16 MB/s0.76 ms
SanDisk HIGH ENDURANCE (64GB)21.83 MB/s21.13 MB/s4.65 MB/s3.08 MB/s0.78 ms
Samsung PRO Endurance (32GB)21.94 MB/s20.53 MB/s5.22 MB/s1.63 MB/s1.1 ms

SD Card ModelSequential ReadSequential WriteRandom ReadRandom WriteIOPing
SanDisk Ultra (8GB)42.23 MB/s13.3 MB/s8.13 MB/s0.75 MB/s0.92 ms
SanDisk Ultra (16GB)63.2 MB/s15.17 MB/s10.11 MB/s2.9 MB/s2.77 ms
SanDisk Ultra (32GB)63.41 MB/s19.13 MB/s9.86 MB/s2.8 MB/s2.8 ms
SanDisk Extreme (64GB)63.37 MB/s50.9 MB/s8.66 MB/s4.44 MB/s0.9 ms
SanDisk Extreme PRO (128GB)62.91 MB/s52.5 MB/s8.33 MB/s4.27 MB/s0.9 ms
Kingston Canvas Select Plus (32GB)62.89 MB/s24.57 MB/s7.14 MB/s2.38 MB/s0.8 ms
KIOXIA EXCERIA (32GB)62.31 MB/s18.03 MB/s11.02 MB/s5.66 MB/s0.98 ms
Samsung EVO Plus (32GB)63.05 MB/s27 MB/s12.48 MB/s2.49 MB/s0.91 ms
Amazon Basics (64GB)64.02 MB/s54.7 MB/s12.99 MB/s5.49 MB/s1.12 ms
PNY Performance Plus (16GB)60.95 MB/s15.9 MB/s4.6 MB/s0.74 MB/s0.93 ms
Verbatim Premium (16GB)60.73 MB/s11.5 MB/s9.58 MB/s2.26 MB/s1.01 ms
SanDisk MAX ENDURANCE (32GB)61.67 MB/s41.87 MB/s8.51 MB/s3.97 MB/s0.76 ms
Integral ultima PRO (64GB)64.14 MB/s47.43 MB/s9.77 MB/s5.14 MB/s1.22 ms
Patriot EP Series (64GB)63.8 MB/s40.83 MB/s8.22 MB/s3.31 MB/s0.87 ms
Kodak (64GB) 62.03MB/s36.1 MB/s3.79 MB/s0.88 MB/s0.99 ms
Intenso (64GB)22.5 MB/s 21.87MB/s9.16 MB/s4.43 MB/s1.24 ms
Transcend (32GB) 63.15MB/s24.07 MB/s14.41 MB/s4.55 MB/s0.68 ms
Samsung EVO Select (32GB)63.03 MB/s25.87 MB/s12.24 MB/s2.37 MB/s0.92 ms
Samsung PRO Plus (128GB)64.04 MB/s48.8 MB/s12.21 MB/s2.86 MB/s0.77 ms
SanDisk HIGH ENDURANCE (64GB)62.82 MB/s 46.07MB/s7.07 MB/s2.94 MB/s0.9 ms
Samsung PRO Endurance (32GB)63.7 MB/s43.13 MB/s12.12 MB/s2.45 MB/s0.83 ms

SD Card ModelSequential ReadSequential WriteRandom ReadRandom WriteIOPing
SanDisk Ultra (8GB)9.2 MB/s8.73 MB/s4.44 MB/s0.66 MB/s1.18 ms
SanDisk Ultra (16GB)9.32 MB/s6.57 MB/s4.52 MB/s2.21 MB/s2.99 ms
SanDisk Ultra (32GB)9.3 MB/s7.37 MB/s4.53 MB/s2.44 MB/s3.02 ms
SanDisk Extreme (64GB)9.25 MB/s9.03 MB/s3.17 MB/s2.95 MB/s1.01 ms
SanDisk Extreme PRO (128GB) N/A N/AN/A N/A N/A
Kingston Canvas Select Plus (32GB)9.3 MB/s8.77 MB/s4.04 MB/s1.99 MB/s0.9 ms
KIOXIA EXCERIA (32GB)9.27 MB/s9.03 MB/s5.18 MB/s3.61 MB/s1.02 ms
Samsung EVO Plus (32GB)9.15 MB/s5.33 MB/s4.6 MB/s1.84 MB/s1.54 ms
Amazon Basics (64GB)9.58 MB/s9.23 MB/s5.46 MB/s3.49 MB/s1.22 ms
PNY Performance Plus (16GB)8.89 MB/s6.8 MB/s3.27 MB/s0.8 MB/s1.22 ms
Verbatim Premium (16GB)9.15 MB/s6.37 MB/s4.86 MB/s2.42 MB/s1.11 ms
SanDisk MAX ENDURANCE (32GB)9.15 MB/s8.57 MB/s3.04 MB/s2.64 MB/s0.97 ms
Integral ultima PRO (64GB)9.57 MB/s9.17 MB/s5.14 MB/s3.35 MB/s1.29 ms
Patriot EP Series (64GB)9.43 MB/s9 MB/s4.51 MB/s2.49 MB/s1.04 ms
Kodak (64GB)9.16 MB/s8.83 MB/s2.76 MB/s0.81 MB/s1.13 ms
Intenso (64GB)9.57 MB/s9.2 MB/s5.43 MB/s3.37 MB/s1.22 ms
Transcend (32GB)8.92 MB/s6.97 MB/s4.88 MB/s2.3 MB/s0.94 ms
Samsung EVO Select (32GB)9.08 MB/s5.1 MB/s4.42 MB/s1.79 MB/s1.23 ms
Samsung PRO Plus (128GB)9.11 MB/s6.47 MB/s4.33 MB/s1.24 MB/s1.06 ms
SanDisk HIGH ENDURANCE (64GB)9.16 MB/s7.8 MB/s2.84 MB/s2.72 MB/s1.02 ms
Samsung PRO Endurance (32GB)9.27 MB/s6.93 MB/s4.58 MB/s1.92 MB/s1.13 ms

SD Card ModelSequential ReadSequential WriteRandom ReadRandom WriteIOPing
SanDisk Ultra (8GB)21.9 MB/s14.1 MB/s5.97 MB/s0.63 MB/s0.89 ms
SanDisk Ultra (16GB)21.94 MB/s13.4 MB/s6.39 MB/s2.24 MB/s2.7 ms
SanDisk Ultra (32GB)21.9 MB/s17.27 MB/s6.49 MB/s2.14 MB/s2.7 ms
SanDisk Extreme (64GB)21.97 MB/s21.93 MB/s5.65 MB/s3.25 MB/s0.74 ms
SanDisk Extreme PRO (128GB)21.9 MB/s21.9 MB/s5.02 MB/s3.41 MB/s0.75 ms
Kingston Canvas Select Plus (32GB)11.29 MB/s10.2 MB/s4.47 MB/s1.84 MB/s0.8 ms
KIOXIA EXCERIA (32GB)21.96 MB/s16.83 MB/s7.89 MB/s3.65 MB/s0.71 ms
Samsung EVO Plus (32GB)21.73 MB/s20.63 MB/s5.19 MB/s1.61 MB/s1.22 ms
Amazon Basics (64GB)22.05 MB/s22.33 MB/s8.79 MB/s3.91 MB/s1 ms
PNY Performance Plus (16GB)21.72 MB/s11.13 MB/s4.04 MB/s0.72 MB/s0.85 ms
Verbatim Premium (16GB)21.8 MB/s11.6 MB/s7 MB/s2.14 MB/s0.85 ms
SanDisk MAX ENDURANCE (32GB)21.86 MB/s21.5 MB/s5.49 MB/s3.31 MB/s0.67 ms
Integral ultima PRO (64GB)22.2 MB/s21.93 MB/s7.59 MB/s3.81 MB/s1.06 ms
Patriot EP Series (64GB)21.87 MB/s19.03 MB/s6.18 MB/s2.31 MB/s0.75 ms
Kodak (64GB)21.9 MB/s21.03 MB/s3.22 MB/s0.73 MB/s0.84 ms
Intenso (64GB)22.23 MB/s22 MB/s8.44 MB/s3.82 MB/s1 ms
Transcend (32GB)21.88 MB/s13.47 MB/s7.7 MB/s2.32 MB/s0.63 ms
Samsung EVO Select (32GB)21.82 MB/s20.5 MB/s5.33 MB/s1.56 MB/s1.16 ms
Samsung PRO Plus (128GB)21.86 MB/s20.27 MB/s6.3 MB/s1.16 MB/s0.76 ms
SanDisk HIGH ENDURANCE (64GB)21.91 MB/s12.2 MB/s4.65 MB/s3 MB/s0.77 ms
Samsung PRO Endurance (32GB)21.75 MB/s20.2 MB/s6.2 MB/s1.85 MB/s0.92 ms

SD Card ModelSequential ReadSequential WriteRandom ReadRandom WriteIOPing
SanDisk Ultra (8GB)21.19 MB/s16.33 MB/s6.36 MB/s0.68 MB/s1.03 ms
SanDisk Ultra (16GB)21.22 MB/s14.3 MB/s6.28 MB/s2.39 MB/s2.88 ms
SanDisk Ultra (32GB)21.22 MB/s17.87 MB/s6.29 MB/s1.6 MB/s2.9 ms
SanDisk Extreme (64GB)21.25 MB/s21.43 MB/s5.9 MB/s3.46 MB/s0.98 ms
SanDisk Extreme PRO (128GB)21.23 MB/s21.83 MB/s5.71 MB/s3.47 MB/s1 ms
Kingston Canvas Select Plus (32GB)10.8 MB/s10.63 MB/s4.03 MB/s1.91 MB/s1.04 ms
KIOXIA EXCERIA (32GB)21.3 MB/s18.27 MB/s6.73 MB/s4.04 MB/s0.98 ms
Samsung EVO Plus (32GB)21.09 MB/s20.73 MB/s5.67 MB/s1.92 MB/s1.11 ms
Amazon Basics (64GB)21.38 MB/s22.43 MB/s7.55 MB/s3.93 MB/s1.27 ms
PNY Performance Plus (16GB)N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Verbatim Premium (16GB)21.2 MB/s MB/s6.14 MB/s2.57 MB/s1.1 ms
Onboard eMMC (2GB)21.19 MB/s6.73 MB/s4.56 MB/s3.93 MB/s1.09 ms
SanDisk MAX ENDURANCE (32GB)21.23 MB/s20.43 MB/s5.55 MB/s3.04 MB/s0.9 ms
Integral ultima PRO (64GB)21.32 MB/s21 MB/s6.29 MB/s3.77 MB/s1.32 ms
Patriot EP Series (64GB)21.32 MB/s18.07 MB/s5.51 MB/s2.65 MB/s0.99 ms
Kodak (64GB)21.02 MB/s20.17 MB/s3.11 MB/s0.82 MB/s1.07 ms
Intenso (64GB)14.34 MB/s16 MB/s5.06 MB/s3.75 MB/s4.74 ms
Transcend (32GB)20.19 MB/s12.53 MB/s6.31 MB/s2.45 MB/s1.01 ms
Samsung EVO Select (32GB)21.16 MB/s18.6 MB/s6.76 MB/s2.1 MB/s1.12 ms
Samsung PRO Plus (128GB)21.21 MB/s19.53 MB/s5.51 MB/s1.29 MB/s1.03 ms
SanDisk HIGH ENDURANCE (64GB)21.16 MB/s19.37 MB/s5.02 MB/s2.92 MB/s1.01 ms
Samsung PRO Endurance (32GB)21.18 MB/s20.17 MB/s6.14 MB/s2.02 MB/s1.08 ms

Testing Process / Software Used

All read/write throughput tests were performed over 5 runs with hdparm and iozone3 and disk access latency was tested with ioping (with -c 50 for 50 checks, on each run). All tests were performed with the devices running at stock clock speeds (both CPU and microSD card slots) and a 120mm fan pointed at them to rule out any thermal throttling issues. The Kingston card refused to run above 25MHz on most boards, so it operated at half the speed of all others tested, though on the Orange Pi R1+ LTS, it ran faster and the results showed that!


Given the data I’ve produced, my recommendation is the Amazon Basics when it comes to pure performance! When I compare the price I paid for those to all of the others, it’s incredible value for what you get. I do notice now though that the price has jumped by over 50% (since December 2021) but as it’s a 2 pack, the individual price still works out better than the SanDisk Extreme PRO for example (which I picked up on sale!)

Overall, the Amazon Basics card is the fastest for sequential reads and writes, fastest for random reads and is very close to the KIOXIA EXCERIA when it comes to random writes. Sure, the latency is a little higher but you’d be hard pushed to notice in day to day operations.

The KIOXIA EXCERIA would be my 2nd option as in the vast majority of cases it was very close behind and was (is!) one of the cheapest options on the list. If you’re not familiar with the KIOXIA name, it’s the rebrand of Toshiba, who have been around for donkey’s years and is a big player in the game.

Sadly, the testing didn’t come without casualties. The PNY Performance Plus drive died with 2 boards to go, completely locking up and refusing to be recognised by any device I put it in. Even more woeful was an Intenso drive that I didn’t even include in the results as it died and also refuses to be recognised after just 2 boards and about 5GB worth of writes.

I’m going to work on some endurance testing next, putting the Amazon Basics drive up against some dedicated, endurance rated drives to see if it will also hold up under prolonged use. The tests in this post are great to judge performance but that’s no good if it fails within a couple of months! Stay tuned to see the results of that! Finally, though, I leave you with one last table. This is the total number of tests each card came out on top of in each test category and it speaks for itself!

Winners Table

SD Card ModelSequential ReadSequential WriteRandom ReadRandom WriteIOPingPrice Paid
SanDisk Ultra (8GB) N/A
SanDisk Ultra (16GB)1£4.79
SanDisk Ultra (32GB)£11.99
SanDisk Extreme (64GB)14£7.92
SanDisk Extreme PRO (128GB)11£12.72
Kingston Canvas Select Plus (32GB)3£3.78
KIOXIA EXCERIA (32GB)1104£4.41
Samsung EVO Plus (32GB)£7.49
Amazon Basics (64GB)911122£12.48 (for 2)
PNY Performance Plus (16GB)£4.91
Verbatim Premium (16GB) £3.95
Integral ultima PRO (64GB)
Patriot EP Series (64GB)
Kodak (64GB)
Intenso (64GB)
Transcend (32GB)
Samsung EVO Select (32GB)
Samsung PRO Plus (128GB)
Samsung PRO Endurance (32GB)
These are the prices I paid myself on Amazon over the last 3 years. Some were on sale, some were full price. Prices will have changed since I purchased so do double-check the price if you decide to buy one now!
About Author


What started out with a Pi Model B 10 years has grown into 15+ Raspberry, Orange, Mango Pis etc sitting on my desk in various states of benchmarking. Hopefully not all of it was in vain!


  • Seeing as flash is direct access, it makes sense that the largest chip has the most throughput.
    I’d be interested in seeing a more apples-to-apples comparison of 16G cards, 32G cards, 64G cards, etc.

    • Well, there are was another 64GB card in the lineup (SanDisk Extreme), along with a 128GB (SanDisk Extreme PRO) of the same class that was scoring consistently below the Amazon card in this case. I have some more cards on the way that I’ll get to at some point but this is what I had lying around and available for testing. Thanks for the idea though, perhaps I’ll try and justify picking up some more of the larger cards to do have a larger sample size in the bigger cards.

  • I bought a Raspberry Pi 512K Model B in 2012. I still have it running headless 24 hours a day. I also picked up a model 3B in 2019. Again I have it running headless 24 hours. I have moved these with me from place to place and rebuilt many times. I love these machines. I boot them off USB, I figured it out pretty good over the years.

    • Awesome! What are you using those 2 boards for if you don’t mind me asking? 😁

  • This is great data! I sliced it 2 different ways in Google Sheets — by SD card and by Raspberry Pi board.

    Agreed that Amazon Basics is the surprising front-runner for the cards, although the IOPing results are shockingly bad for most cards except SanDisk Ultra 16 + 32. Might need to use Analytical Hierarchy Process to determine how each performance characteristic should be weighted.

    For boards, the top 3 in your tests by a wide margin are:
    1) Orange Pi i96,
    2) BeagleBone Black (2GB eMMC),
    3) Raspberry Pi 4 Model B (Revision 1.1 – 2GB)

    • Nice, thanks for cutting it up! I’m still trying to figure out the best ways to present the data so for now, it’s bundled up in its simplest form hah. I plan to add more results to the board in the next week or so if you wanted to keep an eye out to compare those. Would love some more boards too but one step at a time!

  • This is interesting. It has data and lots of data. Empirical testing is good and publishing the results is good. Kudos on the testing and the publishing!

    But could I ask for a little more analysis? For instance, %age deltas? Statistical significance? Repeatability?

    If the performance changes across all models are only 1-2% then that’s not really significant. If it’s bigger but it’s not consistent across runs, then it’s not significant.

    Just some charts might be enough. Graphs let humans use their visual pattern recognition for focussing on differences: if all the values in a series are close, the lines overlap and we can easily see what sticks out — or what doesn’t. 🙂

    • You can certainly ask 😀 I’ve been trying to think how to best present the data and adding graphs did come into my head but the post would end up being even longer. I could potentially look at making each section collapsible so you can click on the specific device you’re interested in seeing data in and then expand it from there. I’m still finding my feet with these bigger pieces of content and I’m not used to them actually getting any attention so the feedback I’ve been receiving has been great so far. I’ll take a look at what improvements I can make as I intend to add to this post/page with additional data on a semi-frequent basis.

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