UK Scam Phone Call Numbers

Expanding on my Octavia Trading post, here's a list of additional numbers to watch out for. In hindsight I should stop answering the phone to these random numbers but I enjoy playing with them and wasting their time more than I value my own sanity.

Consumer Awareness

Octavia Trading: Phone Call Scam

Over the last week I've had an increasing number of phone calls from a range of different UK based telephone numbers. They all claim that I signed up for their service based on a YouTube/Google advert...

Tech Guides

Dynamic DNS With CloudFlare and Docker

I finally decided get some Dynamic DNS (DDNS) up and running at home and as I use CloudFlare for my DNS on my domain(s) I went in search of a Docker container I could add to my Raspberry Pi 4!)


Vegobox Vegan Food Subscription Box Review (June 2020)

Vegobox is a subscription service that delivers Vegan snacks (chips/crisps, candy/sweets and drinks) to your door every month.