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Installing RetroPie to Your Raspberry Pi SD Card

Installing RetroPie isn’t difficult if you follow these steps! Spend less time playing around with configuration files and more time saving the princess. You’re going to need to have an SD card reader and most PCs/laptops will have one built-in. If not, you’re going to need to head off to your favourite retailer and pick...CONTINUE READING
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Benchmarking a Web Server With Apache Bench

Whilst getting the site up and running, I wanted to make sure that I could squeeze every bit of performance out of it as I could. Nobody likes a slow website and I didn’t want it to crumble under the pressure of the 3 (optimistic, I know) visitors so it’s time to look into caching...CONTINUE READING
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Adding a Revolut Card to Fitbit Pay

If like me, you were wooed by a smart / fitness tracker watch thingy in the last year or so, there’s a good chance that you ended up with one of Fitbit’s many offerings. I went with the Ionic as I’d had issues with my phone’s GPS reliability with apps like Strava/Endomondo so built-in GPS...CONTINUE READING
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