Adding a Revolut Card to Fitbit Pay

by Bret
2 minutes read

If like me, you were wooed by a smart / fitness tracker watch thingy in the last year or so, there’s a good chance that you ended up with one of Fitbit’s many offerings. I went with the Ionic as I’d had issues with my phone’s GPS reliability with apps like Strava/Endomondo so built-in GPS tracking was the big draw. Another tease was the Fitbit Pay functionality where they said everything was as easy as tapping your watch on a contactless reader (which still feels weird..) and there you go. This is all well and good unless like me, you’re a Revolut user and whilst the Fitbit website says Revolut is supported, trying to add your card results in a big NOPE. Contacting Revolut’s support revealed that it was a BETA option that wasn’t rolled out for everyone, yet Fitbit still proudly say that it’s openly available which is frustrating to say the least.

Hours of Google searching and forum trudging later, I stumbled across a Reddit post where the user /u/coolkat2013 shared their ultimate wisdom on how to get this working if you don’t use USD as your main balance.

It seems we non-USD users need to add a USD balance to our accounts, place a small amount in there (I just used $1) and then go through the Fitbit app to add your card again. Strangely, it seems that it doesn’t automatically convert the temporary holding charge into one of your active balances and straight-up refuses if you don’t have a USD balance but there you go, that’s it.

If this doesn’t work for you, feel free to leave a comment as I’d be intrigued to find out why!

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