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Octavia Trading: Phone Call Scam

Over the last week I’ve had an increasing number of phone calls from a range of different UK based telephone numbers. They all claim that I signed up for their service based on a YouTube/Google advert (with a combination of uBlock Origin and Pihole, I haven’t seen these for a long, long time..), they want to be friendly and then drop into the “Do you have any experience with trading?” script.

In the 2nd call, they claim to be calling on behalf of Octavia Trading and have my name, e-mail address and mobile telephone number. In the latest I asked for them to delete my data and “Raymond” tells me they can’t. When pressed further, he says they just can’t.

I’ve been overly hostile towards them but the next time, I’m going to just play along to get the company and caller’s names and get an idea of the script to post here. I couldn’t find results for all of these numbers when I tried looking myself so maybe this will help anyone looking themselves!

Company names used:

  • Octavia Trading
  • Octavia Trade

Telephone numbers used:

  • +44 23 8228 0715 / 02382280715 (Southampton)
  • +44 1250 874403 / 01250874403 (Blairgowrie)
  • +44 20 8077 9747 / 02080779747 (London) - WhoCalled Results
  • +44 7418 352522 / 07418352522 - WhoCalled Results

Since starting the post, a couple of the numbers have exploded with activity on sites like WhoCalled so I’ve added those to the post so you can see other users comments on it.

What can you do to reduce/stop the calls?

Luckily a handful of options exist to try and reduce/stop these calls for UK users (sorry everyone else, I’m sure you have similar services!)

Telephone Preference Service (TPS)

Signing up and using the TPS is a free service for landline/mobile numbers that puts you on a list that companies should not call. It won’t stop everything but within 28 days, you should see a reduction in call volume. They also have a complaint form to submit numbers to.

Which? Report a Call or Text

Which? offer an easy-to-use form that you can use to report SPAM SMS, automated calls, live calls and “silent” calls. They’ll then use the data and forward it on to help the battle against these oxygen thiefs.

Action Fraud

More focused on the classic computer scams (and likely where the callers from this post should be reported), Action Fraud is a branch of the UK police force that deals with fraud and cyber-crime matters. Your grandparents getting targeted by level 3 Microsoft technicians called David with suspiciously strong accents in California? This is who you should report them to.


If you’re signing up for something that you really don’t need a phone number for (or don’t care) but they insist. You could look at using trueCall38’s service. To use it, simply enter your phone number as 033388888888 / +4433388888888 and when anyone calls it, it states that trueCall38 is handling the calls and you prefer to be contacted via email. Neat, huh?

Talk to your phone service provider

It’s a long shot but if you’re being pestered by the same number constantly and unable to block it, call your provider and report it to them. They may be able to help!

Be careful when signing up to websites/services

Finally! One way to try and cut down on this is to be careful when signing up to services. They’ll have check boxes to tick (or leave unticked, they’re sneaky!) at the end of the signup form. Make sure that you don’t give consent to random services to use or sell your data where possible as once you’ve done that, you’re on the back foot.

I’d be interested to hear if you’ve received calls from these people yourself and what lines they tried on others. If you stumble across this post whilst trying to find out more, get in touch via Twitter and let me know!